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10 Lessons Learned from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is more than an author. He is a mentor and a thought-leader. Gary’s first book, Crush It, inspired me to leave my job and follow my passion. His second book, The Thank You Economy, explained how to bring in customers and establish trust. His most recent book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, explains exactly how to market and engage with your customers via social media. This book is less of a novel and more of a how-to guide on social media. Gary uses concrete examples to point out the dos and don’ts for each social network.

While Crush It may have been more abstract, Jab is a straight forward step-by-step guide. It’s an quick read and will make an dramatic impact on how you market your business. I read the entire book in a little over a day. 

General Social Networking Lessons Learned

  • Keep Your Content Native - Use the platform as it was designed don’t cross post all at once. Use the benefits of each platform. 
  • Relate Content to Popular Items, Holidays, and Birthdays - Relate your content to items that are popular with target demographic. i.e. send out a Super Bowl Themed Post on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • A Follow is more powerful than Email Sign-up - Users check social media more than they check email. There are less distractions on mobile version of social networks. i.e. No sidebar ads 
  • Limit Number of Clicks after Call to Action - Trying to get users to purchase your new product? Make sure the link in your copy is straight to the purchase page. Don’t make users dig to find your checkout process.
  • Follow Up on Each and Every Social Media Comment - This may sound like a large task, but the hours put in will yield exponential results. Following up on each comment with a unique and insightful response, not only makes the commenter feel great, but it shows others viewing your comments you actually respond to users. This is a great way to humanize your brand and encourage users to engage and connect.
  • Ask Questions - Ask followers questions, not just about your product or service. Get to know your user base and learn as much as you can about them.
  • Giveways and Contents - Everyone loves giveaways and fun contests. Make sure your timeline is not solely giveaways and contests. Balance the fun with value and information.
  • Follow Memes, don’t try to create them - Nothing is more sad than someone clearly trying to go viral. You cannot expect to create a viral video, that would inherently go against what makes it viral. However, it possible to jump onto popular memes and ride the viral wave.
  • High Quality Photos - High quality photos will get users to stop scrolling slightly and read your title. Photos should be attached to most social media updates and serve as the attraction to get users to stop then decide if they would like to click. Invest in great photos, no one wants to see a dark photo of an old salad.
  • Join The Conversation - Don’t be scared to jump into conversations on Twitter. Look at what people are talking about your niche and jump it. Have fun and meet people.

Good and Bad About The Book

  • Good - Micro chapters are quick reads. 
  • Good - You don’t have to read chronologically. Works as a reference going forward.
  • Good - Explicit and concrete examples showing you exactly what to do on each social network.
  • Bad - The physical size of the books is a bit awkward and heavy. I found myself laying it on a table to read because I couldn’t hold it entirely in my hands. 
  • Bad - The book is almost entirely in color ink on glossy white paper. This is great for the pictures and social media examples however, the ink is runny and will smudge on the glossy white paper.

I love the content of this book and highly recommend it you pick up a copy. If you are a kindle user, I recommend you save your eyes and a tree and download the digital copy. I love the content of this book, hopefully a paperback version will correct some of the physical issues. 

I will be giving away copies of the book, follow me on twitter stevederico for more details.

Learning more about @pinterest. 4x rev/click compared to @twitter. What is your @pinterest handle?   #jjjrh

Learning more about @pinterest. 4x rev/click compared to @twitter. What is your @pinterest handle? #jjjrh

Finishing up @jjjrhbook today. What is your favorite lesson thus far? #trendjacking #social #thankyoueconomy cc: @garyvee

Finishing up @jjjrhbook today. What is your favorite lesson thus far? #trendjacking #social #thankyoueconomy cc: @garyvee

Excited. I just received my first 3 copies of @garyvee’s new book. @jjjrhbook. 22 more on the way :) reading tonight. Blog post coming soon. #thankyou #business #social #gsd #grabit #besomebody

Excited. I just received my first 3 copies of @garyvee’s new book. @jjjrhbook. 22 more on the way :) reading tonight. Blog post coming soon. #thankyou #business #social #gsd #grabit #besomebody

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on iPhone 5c & 5s

It has been over 12 months since Apple announced a new version of their flagship product, the iPhone 5. Many analysts are estimating this version will be the first without Steve Jobs’ direct influence. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from yesterday’s iPhone Event.

The Good

  • Free iWork for iOS - All new iOS devices come with iWork for free. More users will create content using Apple’s file format. (i.e. .pages vs .docx) However, Apple could have made more progress by making the apps free on the App Store instead of requiring a new device purchase.
  • New Camera - The iPhone 5s includes a new 8 Megapixel camera, improved sensor, 2.2 aperture, and smarter flash. These features begin to blur the line between mobile phone and DLSR.
  • Touch ID - The iPhone 5s will also include an embedded fingerprint reader that allows users to unlock their phone and purchase apps without typing in their password. Nice touch. (No pun intended)

The Bad

  • No Preorder on iPhone 5s -  The iPhone 5s is Apple’s flagship device and is targeted at a premium audience. However, the iPhone 5s will not be available for pre-order on September 13th. This will require premium customers to stand inline to receive the device on launch day. This is hardly a premium experience, especially when the consumer-level product, iPhone 5c, is available for pre-order on the 13th. Apple may want more lines in front of their stores on launch day, but they dropped the ball here.
  • iPhone 5c Pricing - Android has surpassed iOS in device shipments. Android’s latest surge has been attributed to their penetration to emerging markets, places like Africa and Asia, where contract subsidies are not available. The iPhone 5c was rumored to be the Apple’s answer to Android’s “free” or cheap phones. Free in this case is $0 with 2 year contract or $400 without contract. However, Apple announced the iPhone 5c will be $99 with contract or $549 without contract. A staggering difference from Android’s current non-contract options. Moreover, the $99 price point for the iPhone 5c causes confusion with the iPhone 5s only $100 dollars away. Apple missed an opportunity to make a run at Android’s device shipment numbers and should have released a free version of the iPhone 5c.
  • Disk Space & Moore’s Law - Moore’s Law states that computing hardware’s power will double every 18 months, thus dramatically reducing the cost of previous hardware. Disk space has shown a high correlation with with Moore’s Law. However, while disk space prices have dropped Apple has not updated the storage capacity for the $199 iPhone in over 3 years. Moore’s law means more profits for Apple.

The Ugly

  • iPhone 5c Cases - You be the judge
  • iOS 7 Icons - After dramatic push-back from the design community, Apple has decided to press on with their new flat design approach. Only time will tell how users will respond. 
  • Upper & Lowercase - iPhone 4S, iPhone5c, iPhone 5s. Apple has always been particular about the capitalization of their product names. Why the switch from capital letter S to lowercase? UPDATE - iDownloadBlog has the story about the switch

Apple is going through some maturity problems without Steve Jobs, it’s clear they want to make some mistakes and fail fast. AAPL stock is down 6% today. What do you think will be the biggest failure Apple announced today? Will there be an Apple watch?

@stevederico me on twitter and let me know what you think.