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Make the Switch: Chrome to Safari

I recently switched from Google Chrome to Safari and wish I did it sooner. Below are a few features on Chrome and their Safari counterparts.

1. Favicon Bookmark Bar

Chrome lets you drag the favicon of your favorite sites to your bookmark bar and use these to make a simple one-click icon.

Safari’s bookmark bar doesn’t support favicons, but it does have a “Top Sites” homepage. Top Sites updates dynamically and provides the one-click jump to your most frequent sites.

2. Single Bar

Chrome’s Omnibar allows you to search, type the name of a favorite site, or enter a URL.

Olivier Poitrey has created a great Omnibar extension for Safari. It is free and open source.

3. Memory Leaks

Google Chrome for Mac is notorious for leaking memory and crashing

Safari has been much more stable and more friendly on RAM.


By default, Safari opens new links in a new window. Run the command below in Terminal to force links to open in a new tab.

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true