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The 5 Golden Rules of Social Media

I recently read, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy and have come up with the 5 rules to live by in social media.

  1. Content is King – Make sure the information you are sharing is important to your followers. If you aren’t creating content yet, start now. Otherwise, find interesting articles for your target audience and provide insightful commentary.
  2. Pull Don’t Push – Do not use Twitter as a PR Release channel, worse off a method for more “impressions”. Don’t be the 19 year old guy trying to get laid. Start with a conversation, provide some useful insight, do not push your product or services. Pull in potential customers with expert advice and knowhow.
  3. Search – If your target audience is 21-30 year olds that wear Pink Cowboy hats in Kansas you will find them with sites like Reach out and provide insightful remarks with others in the community. Expand your following and provide value, not advertisements.
  4. New Business = Old Business – Business is going old school, people today are numb to advertisements and 80% off coupons. You need to build relationships the old fashion way. Caring. Be the butcher that remembers all his customer’s favorite orders and throws in an extra cutlet just for coming in. Treat potential customers more like a member of your family and less like a number.
  5. Not  Just Another Channel - Social media isn’t just a way to spam more people with your message. Social Media is an opportunity to reach directly out to each and every customer and make them feel absolutely perfect. Moreover, customer’s feedback can provide feedback to business and to them provide more value going forward. Finally, a happy customer will provide a business with the best marketing available – word of mouth. Positive word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool available and it is not for sale. You have you earn it.

Follow these few rules and you will see an uptick in value added and lives benefited. Forget ROI and just treat everyone as if they were your best friend. When in doubt, do what feels right.